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The position of an appointment setter is usually an entry level one. They are hired by companies in order to assist them with the sales processes. The main task of an appointment setter is to call potential customers, engage them in conversation, provide information regarding a product or service and set up meetings with a member of the sales force of the company that they are representing.

  • Call potential customers by following calling list provided by Agency/Company
  • Provide information regarding the service or product in question
  • Answer any questions that the potential customer asks to the best of ability
  • Take information from potential customers regarding their specific product or service needs
  • Ask potential customers of a particular time when they will be free to receive calls
  • Set appointments with potential customers at their convenience
  • Ensure that sales force member follows up with potential customers
  • Document all calls made to potential customers



  • Consistently adheres to high standards of performance and service excellence
  • Ability to multitask and work with web-based applications and other systems
  • Demonstrate effective time management
  • Must be punctual and maintain attendance that meets or exceeds company expectations
  • Transfers Policy information to our innovated management system
  • They can retrieve signed applications.
  • They can send out alerts from the carriers.
  • Retrieve Discount waivers or proofs.
  • Call the bank to ensure that the Escrow closing document is processed.
  • Transfer quote to Ezlynx.
  • They finalize quote on carrier.
  • They can call or email the clients to get more information and missing documents.
  • They can service your clients.